Realize Your Sublime Energies Through RYSE®

RYSE® enhances and complements all other therapeutic modalities and their benefits.

This work helps you move forward in all aspects of life, from goals of personal growth to healing from old issues...  The possibilities are endless.

RYSE® Classes educate you about your subtle energetic systems, what they are, how they relate to your everyday life and how you can align your inner and outer experience to your own greatest possibility!  

In group format, RYSE® is divided into 4, 4 hour classes.  You can also take RYSE® classes individually.   The format for this is 5, 3 hour classes.

In each class, you will receive full clearing, repair and alignment of all systems and patterns addressed, in addition to learning how to do it for yourself.

You will also receive RYSE® Tools for Life and 5 CDs to support your continual integration and evolution of energetic self-awareness.


Learn how to shift out of unconscious default patterns of behavior.  Working with universal principles that explain how energy works, like the law of attraction, you will learn to clear, repair and align your sublime energetic systems.  The systems we will be working with are:  the chakras, aura, ida, pingala, and sushumna, spiraling air pattern, and inner male (pattern of contraction) and inner female (pattern of expansion).


Learn how you enhance life force and how you lose it.  Deepen in exploration of the inner male and female patterns, clear resistance patterns, expectations, and cellular memories.  You will also clear chords between yourself and other people, which frees you into another level of clarity and beauty in your relationships.  


3A:  Sub-personalities:

Learn about the different aspects of your personality from an energetic point of view.  Learn how to enhance the aspects that are working for you, and how to shift the other aspects so they too, are supporting your highest alignment.

3B:  Cycles of Transformation:

Clear and transform trauma or imprints from any age that are consciously and unconsciously affecting your present and future.

RYSE® 4:

Learn about and free yourself from inhibiting mass-mind patterns, evolve and nourish your sublime energetic systems and create a powerful connection to your highest blueprint and holographic pattern.

Origin of RYSE®

RYSE® was developed by Nancy Risley, who is a Registered Polarity Practitioner and founder of The Polarity Realization Institute and educational programs.  She is also author of  RYSE®, Tools for Life, and with sonic therapist, Kris Stecker, created 5 RYSE® CDs to support those who have taken the classes.

RYSE® is an extension of Nancy's work in advanced polarity therapy and a result of many years of study, practice, and educating.  

Through working with numerous people, Nancy observed how the energetic systems shifted in relation to the client.  Simply put, a person in a blocked state had blocked systems, and a person in a clear vital state had energetic systems that were clear and vital.  

Nancy realized that she could clear and repair the sublime energetic systems to create positive results for people, and with the right support and education, they could be empowered to do it for themselves.

I am ever-grateful to Nancy for these life tools and the positive effect they have had on my life and the lives of everyone I have worked with!

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