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Would you like help accessing or sustaining inner harmony?  Are you curious what your next level of well being is?

I can support you to live at the forefront of your potential.  We can dramatically improve how you feel and help sustain the feeling of being in the “zone”.

Twenty four years of professional training, building my own healthy lifestyle habits, and working with clients, has taught me that people achieve powerful results from holistic healing.

  • feel free from excess stress
  • feel free from emotional residue
  • experience mental clarity and freedom from information overload
  • shift from dysfunctional behaviors and ways of seeing things
  • move forward with openness to life and trust in yourself
  • feel secure and empowered
  • access your full creative, vital, and joyful potential
  • accept, enjoy and be grateful for your body

You may remember a time when you felt happier, more connected to your inner compass. Let’s make that your experience now.

We can use therapeutic energy work and bodywork to support the whole you.

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Therapeutic Work To Awaken Your Spark

Therapeutic massage helps you feel more ease and freedom throughout your body, mind and emotions as you shed normal daily stresses that are part of life. Done with focus, I sense the many layers of tissues, fluids and rhythms of your body and support you to release patterns of discomfort and excess tension.

Polarity therapy addresses you as an interrelated whole and has great effect to free discomforts, bring balance and clarity to every level of your being.  This work helps you feel inner strength, clarity, vitality and relaxed at the same time.

Craniosacral work elicits and enhances your full centeredness and core self alignment.  By tuning in to your core rhythms and gentle facilitation, we support you to unwind tensions and deep holding patterns. Results of this work are:

  • feelings of deep relaxation

  • inner fluidity and strength

  • powerful centeredness

  • and alignment to your vital self.

RYSE is work in your subtle energetic field that helps you feel clear; deeply connected to your inner knowing; free from short and long-standing patterns that have been holding you back; free from emotional triggers; and strong enough to move forward with your best self.

RYSE stands alone or greatly complements any other style of work to boost your results.

  Alexa Erin Williamson

Alexa Erin Williamson

Practices to Sustain Your Best Results

Lifestyle Alignment is a set of therapeutic work and practices developed specifically for your unique health goals.  This is when you want a “life coach” type of support to work with you to help establish and manage a lifestyle that facilitates your most vital self.  

Professional For Over 20 Years

I’ve been dedicated to living and learning in a way that has allowed me to support vibrant health. Since starting professionally in 1994, helping you tune to your vital and peaceful core being has been my passion.

We Can Start Now

To begin a conversation about how I can help you, there are a couple of ways to reach me.  Text or call me now (413-522-8598), or use the form above to email me a message.

I’d be happy and honored to be part of your support system.