Polarity Therapy Restores and Supports Total Well-being

By eliciting deep relaxation, freeing blocked energy, aligning and strengthening energetic fields and pathways, and increasing pristine qualities of energy flow, Polarity Therapy can benefit your total well-being.

Unlimited Benefits

  • relief from physical, emotional and mental stress
  • feeling lightness, freedom and strength
  • clarity, vitality, centeredness
  • ease and alignment in the body.

Clients remains fully clothed.  The touch ranges from deep pressure to just above the skin.

More About Polarity Therapy

Randolph Stone founded Polarity Therapy.  He was a naturopath, osteopath, and chiropractor who traveled the world learning healing methods and wisdom from ancient cultures that had long-standing systems of wellness.  Dr. Stone, with his own inspired and innovative mind, brought experience and knowledge of health practices from the east together with those from the west to create the holistic modality of Polarity Therapy.  

All ancient health systems honor that there is an essence of life, or life-force, that is the key factor to health and healing.  Restoring, enhancing and sustaining the full flow, quality and balance of the life-force is the central focus of Polarity.  The belief that the physical body "forms" around what is happening in the subtler energies of the body is integral to this practice and is often expressed as "energy before form".

Within the holistic perspective of Polarity Therapy,  a person is understood to be an integration of body, mind, emotion, and spirit.  These aspects are interrelated and nothing is perceived as simply an isolated physical issue or emotional issue, etc.  The pattern of dis-ease can be found and thoroughly released and healed when addressed on all levels. 

The holistic perspective of Polarity Therapy expands to lifestyle as well and addresses a person's wellness through individual therapeutic sessions, nutrition, and Polarity Yoga.