Craniosacral Therapy Supports Your Overall Health

Craniosacral Therapy supports you in feeling deep inner peace, freedom, and centeredness.

It is very gentle work that frees core rhythms in the the body.  These core rhythms are created by the ebb and flow of fluid and energy that move up and down, surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

The rhythms of these waves continue beyond the brain and spinal cord and travel throughout the body, affecting all systems, including the fascial* system.  

Craniosacral therapy supports release from uncomfortable patterns of holding that can weave themselves into any variety of systems and effect physical, emotional and mental levels of wellbeing.

This results in relief from many symptoms including

  • headaches
  • sleep issues
  • depression
  • and physical pain to name a few.


*Fascia  is soft connective tissue that surrounds and interpenetrates nerves, muscles, bones, and organs.  It also surrounds blood vessels and muscle fibers.  Fascia is a complex network that can be traveled uninterruptedly through the whole body from top to bottom, and front to back.