Massage Therapy Conducted with Deep Presence

Pure Current massage therapy elicits relaxation and healing with particular attention to your body's specific requirements.

Benefits of Massage

  • Relief and management of stress and anxiety, which are major contributing factors in development of dis-ease in the body/mind/emotions.  
  • Enhances circulation in the blood and lymphatic systems, brings nutrients into the cells, carries waste out
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances self esteem and helps heal issues connected to healthy, safe touch and body image.  (especially when combined with RYSE®)
  • Interrupts the pain/spasm/pain cycle allowing for relief
  • Induces relaxation
  • Supports body awareness

Additions Available for any Massage Treatment Include

Hot stones,  to create a deeply relaxing experience and enhance the circulatory benefits of the massage with the addition of heat to draw the blood to the surface of the skin.

Hot wraps,  used to infuse the body with warmth for deep relaxation.  The heat gently dilates the blood vessels in the skin which allows the body to take in the moisture and healing benefits of  the oils and herbal salves.   

Hot and cold treatments are particularly helpful if you are healing from an injury.  The cold (ice packs,  cold stones, or ice massage) dilates the blood vessels in the skin and muscles, sending the blood inward (carrying waste out of the injured site), and the heat (hot stones or hot packs) draws fresh, nutrient rich blood back to the muscles and surface of the skin.  The hot and cold are alternated to increase circulation and to powerfully induce the body's own healing abilities.  

For injuries that only require cold (during their first 24 hours), heat is used on a different part of the body to keep you warm and relaxed through out the session.

About the Oils Used

Organic coconut oil - is a cooling oil and is used mostly during warmer weather or when particular areas require cooling

Organic sesame oil - is a warming oil and is used mostly during the cooler weather

Arnica oil - made with organic Arnica flowers and jojoba oil, used for bruised and damaged tissues

Deep Tissue oil - wintergreen, peppermint, cayenne in a base of organic olive oil, used in areas of deep tension, chronic pain, and/or injury.

Ayurvedic joint and muscle oil - is a blend of many herbs and sesame oil, formulated to reduce inflammation

*As the variety changes, the quality remains exquisite!