Lifestyle Alignment To Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals

If you would like to be supported in integrating habits of wellness into your daily life, lifestyle alignment is for you.

Through a process of becoming clear about what quality of life you truly desire, and what practical steps will create that quality, we will design a plan for you to be in the flow of living it. This personalized program will powerfully and gently align body, mind, heart, and spirit to the next level of your highest truth and possibility! 

Through the consultation and holistic goal setting process, we will determine the best course of action for you to achieve the results you are looking for.  For your most sustainable results, we address all levels of your being and your personalized program will include any variety of practices you choose.

The basic package includes:

  • Holistic goal setting process
  • daily therapeutic sessions
  • personalized movement and yoga practice
  • guided relaxation and meditation.

Additional options are:

  • vocal sound healing sessions
  • RYSE® education
  • nutritional information and resources
  • meal preparation
  • and the creation of organic kitchen gardens.

Whatever your schedule is, working full time, stay-at-home, vacationing, we will create a system that works to keep you in the flow of your bliss and total wellbeing!

This idea developed out of recognizing that many people work a busy schedule and don't find time to care for themselves the way they would like.  The common experience in our society is to over-work, with the idea of enjoying life on weekends ,vacation, or at retirement.

I thought it would be a beautiful service to support people in having a total sense of wellness woven in with normal, everyday life.  And when you have the full experience of feeling incredible, healthy, clear and energized, this sensation will continue to motivate your decisions and turn into habits.  Thus, more healthful decision-making becomes joyful, because feels so good!